Help shape the Common Impact Data Standard!

One way that Common Approach aims to live up to our mandate to be community-driven is by asking the users of our standards and the broader public for feedback on existing and proposed draft updates to the standards.

We often quip that standards are communities, not documents. It is important that we engage our community in shaping and evolving our standards and that the processes for engagement are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible. We believe this is crucial to ensuring our standards remain relevant and effective.

In November 2022, we kicked off the very first Common Approach public review process for the Common Impact Data Standard draft version 2.1!

On October 19, 2022, we hosted a kickoff event to give an overview of what has changed in this version of the Standard, explain the review process, and give our community a chance to discuss the Standard with members of the Technical Committee. (Watch the event recording.)

Draft version 2.1 of the Common Impact Data Standard was available online as of October 19 2022, along with the review form for submitting feedback. Anyone interested was invited to review the standard and share their feedback and comments by November 9th. UPDATE: The deadline was extended to November 23rd.

The Technical Committee will convene to review the input. They will respond to each comment and suggestion; responses will be shared with all reviewers. The Technical Committee will make final changes to the draft Standard based on the feedback received. The Common Impact Data Standard Version 2.1 will be launched in early 2023.


Who can give input?

Everyone is welcome to participate in a public review! The Common Impact Data Standard is an ontology for representing the impact of any organization.

That being said, this was a technical review of the ontology map, classes and properties of the standard. While all social purpose organizations benefit from this standard, its most direct users are data standard professionals, software developers, database administrators and those who manage back-end data management for social purpose organizations.

When and where can I give input?

The review process ran from October 19th and November 9th 23rd, 2022.

Along with the draft standard, the public review form was available online for the public to submit comments on specific sections of the Standard or provide general feedback.

Those who required a different medium to share feedback for accessibility reasons were invited to get in touch at

Where can I find the review process?

The review process is now closed. You can still read the draft technical document.

What will be done with my input?

The technical committee will review and respond to every comment and suggestion received during the public review period. Responses will be shared publicly with everyone who participates in the review process.

The feedback received during the public review will be used to finalize draft version 2.1 of the Common Impact Data Standard, which will be released in early 2023.

What if I’m interested in learning more, but this all sounds very technical to me?

If you want to learn more about the Common Impact Data Standard, we hosted an introductory webinar where we reviewed what a data standard is, how it works, and why social purpose organizations should use tools and software that are aligned with the Common Impact Data Standard. You can watch the recording here.

Key dates

October 19, 2022

  • Kicking off the Common Impact Data Standard Public Review Event (12pm EST, online).
  • Draft standard and input form live online

November 9 23, 2022

  • Deadline to submit feedback

Mid-December 2022

  • Technical Committee responses to input sent to all Reviewers

Early 2023

  • Launch of the Common Impact Data Standard V1.2 with updated resources

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Updated Dec 23, 2022

Published Oct 12, 2022

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