Choosing the right measurement software

We came into the Pathfinder Pilot understanding that social purpose organizations frequently face challenges with the software they use for impact measurement and reporting. We would like to share what we are learning about how SPOs wish to use software to support their impact measurement practices and the attributes that make software most useful to them.

Common Foundations: Good enough for what?

Learnings from the Pathfinder Pilot: The Common Foundations articulate a minimum standard of impact measurement for social purpose organizations. It is about being good enough rather than great. The question is: good enough for what?

Meet the Pathfinder Pilot network: Newfoundland & Labrador Coalition

The third network participating in the Pathfinder Pilot is the Newfoundland and Labrador Social Enterprise and Innovation Coalition, convened by the Centre for Social Enterprise (Memorial University). The Coalition was formed to promote the development of a well-articulated and robust social finance ecosystem in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Meet the Pathfinder Pilot network: Community Lending Network

The second network participating in the Pathfinder Pilot is the Community Lending Network, convened by Alterna Savings. The network consists of community loan fund partners who share an aligned goal of providing access to capital for underserved communities.

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