Common Form

Essential Accompaniments to an impact report

Making it easier for social purpose organizations to apply for funding.

The Common Form includes organizational information.

This will make it easier for social purpose organizations to apply for funding and investment.

An established standard for organizational information means that information can be entered once and shared across funders, investors, researchers, government, and groups that are working toward common goals.

Information in the Common Form:

Identifying information

Name of organization, address, the charity or business number.

Information that rarely changes

Mission and vision statement, description.

Financial data

Key financial metrics that are predictive of financial health.

Common Form Beta

This document presents the current fields of the form, which once completed, will generate an organizational profile that can be shared with investors and other funders as needed.

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The Common Form is moving forward at a good pace.

Infographic of the Common Form development process

These ratios are very simple, but they gain a lot in meaning when you’re able to compare them across organizations that are doing the same thing you’re doing.

Elizabeth Searing

Assistant Professor, Public Administration & Policy, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany

Enter core information once.

Kate Ruff and Elizabeth Searing describe the organizational information and financial information that are part of this standard.

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