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A closer look at the Common Form

Organizations do not need to deeply understand the ontology of the Common Form in order to use it and benefit from it. To “use” the Common Form, they need to choose impact measurement software and websites that have aligned with the Common Form.

However, it can still be helpful to understand additional details! We have created a field guide to walk organizations through a sample of what the Common Form might look like.

How the Common Form fits with the other Common Approach standards

The Common Form is implemented like the Common Impact Data Standard. You might not even perceive a difference. While the Common Impact Data Standard organizes your impact data, the Common Form organizes your organization data.

The Common Form supports the Common Framework. Impact measurement and network level data comparability requires financial and organizational data as much as impact data.

Demonstrating the Common Form

Curious how the Common Form works? These videos will walk you through use-cases of an earlier iteration of the Common Form.

Enter core information once!

Organizational information is usually the same for years at a time, and financial information is already standardized and collected elsewhere. Having a common set of information fields about this information will reduce paperwork for social purpose organizations and improve the quality of analysis of impact data for portfolio level organizations.

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