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Airtable extension: Common Impact Data Standard Import-Export JSON-LD Basic Tier

An import-export utility that works with a template Airtable base to share and aggregate impact report data from multiple organizations and softwares.

To support users of Air Table who wish to use the Common Impact Data Standard, Common Approach has developed an import-export utility Extension.

The Airtable extension converts information about an organization’s impact into JSON-LD files that can be shared and aggregated with similar files from other organizations. The extension is designed to work with the base template, which provides defined tabs and fields.


Download the user guide

Download a sample data file

Install the extension via Airtable Marketplace

This template is not intended to be an all-in-one impact measurement tool. It should be used in conjunction with other software for managing impact data e.g. Google Sheets, a CRM product, another Airtable base, another non-aligned database, or other software products to collect and analyze data.

This template and extension assumes a user with an existing and relatively well-defined understanding of how their organization’s activities result in impact and that the organization’s measurement practices meet the minimum standard described by the Common Foundations Standard.

Used together with the template base, this extension can:

  • Export a JSON-LD file containing the impact data entered into the template base.
  • Import multiple JSON-LD files of impact data created by other software aligned with the Common Impact Data Standard (i.e. software that can export valid JSON-LD files)

There are two intended users for this template:

  1. Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) who will use the template to collect and then export their impact report data in the Common Impact Data Standard JSON-LD file format.
  2. Data Aggregators (e.g. funders, investors, networks), who will use the template to collect and view the contents of multiple JSON-LD files and who may also use the template to export their own summary JSON-LD files.

For both of these types of users, this template is presented as a low-cost, low-barrier tool for organizations who need to send or receive impact data in the Common Impact Data Standard JSON-LD format at the Basic Tier of alignment and for whom other aligned software options for managing JSON-LD imports or exports are not preferred.

These tools were created by Common Approach to be used and shared freely. See the terms and conditions. If you have questions or are running into issues with the extension and template, please contact us.

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