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Standards are communities, not documents.

But documents are important just the same

Key documents are publicly available and licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. Documents are for sharing – copy and redistribution is encouraged!

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The Common Foundations of Impact Measurement

The Common Foundations set a minimum standard for the “how” of impact measurement in five essential practices.

Complete the self-assessment

The self-assessment tool will help to determine whether your organization is already meeting the basic standards of impact measurement, or identify areas that may require attention.

Introduction to the Data Standard

A non-technical introductory guide to the Common Impact Data Standard.

Common Form 1.1

This document presents the current fields of the form, which once completed, will generate an organizational profile that can be shared with investors and other funders as needed.

Amplifying the Impact

The recommendations contained in Amplifying the impact of Ontario’s Social Enterprise Community are the result of a collaborative process of discussion and consultation driven through the Social Enterprise Measurement Task Force.

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