Meet the first network participating in the Pathfinder Pilot!

Earlier this year, Common Approach began looking for networks of social purpose organizations (SPOs) to participate in its next pilot program, the Pathfinder Pilot. The Pathfinder Pilot is housed at Social Innovation Canada and is funded by the Government of Canada’s Investment Readiness Program, the Northpine Foundation, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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The goal of the Pathfinder Pilot is to see how the adoption of all four Common Approach Standards alters the process and outcomes of impact measurement for these SPOs, both individually and within their impact measurement network.

We are excited to announce we have selected the first network of SPOs to participate in the Pathfinder Pilot! Co-convened by 10C Shared Space and Colleaga, the Network for Optimizing Food Impact is based in southwestern Ontario, Canada with nodes in Guelph-Wellington and Toronto.

Across the various SPO collaborators in this network, a common theme is bringing more food to communities of need and strengthening local food systems through community-driven innovation. The network serves those with varying socio-economic realities. Some organizations provide front-line direct access, including food relief. Others support skills development and connection. Others are directly contributing to local food supply chains in primary food production, distribution, and waste recovery.

The network members are further aligned by their enthusiasm for data. Inquiry questions, spreadsheets, software and new technologies are part of the adventure!

This network is the first network to be admitted into the Pathfinder Pilot program. We expect two additional networks to be participating. More on that to come!

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As a network hub, 10C Shared Space believes that understanding, measuring, communicating, and being driven by impact, is central to change-making organizations who are driven to create strong community outcomes and impacts. 

10C is pleased to be working with a number of network collaborators who are aligning within the Pathfinder Pilot to build collective capacity in regard to impact measurement, specifically within the food ecosystem, including themes related to circular food economy, urban agriculture, food access, food security and regeneration of the land that feeds us.

Julia Grady

Co-Founder, 10C Shared Space

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Published Oct 20, 2022

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