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We want to get to know our community better—we’re trialling an offer of virtual one-on-one chats to discuss impact measurement. Let us know how we can help! 

Book time to talk to a member of the Common Approach team about their area of expertise, and help us get to know more about your organization’s impact measurement approach! 

Book a chat with Alicia!

Alicia is versed in the UNDP Impact Standard for Enterprises and trained in their Impact Management and Measurement for the SDGs program.

She is keen to learn about your experience translating your impact using the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Book a chat with Garth!

Garth can speak to general topics at the intersection of social entrepreneurship and impact measurement, strategy for social purpose organizations, and software and systems for measuring and communicating impact.

He is interested in your organization’s current experiences with measuring impact.

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Book a chat with Kate!

Kate is happy to discuss ways you might be able to do more with the impact data (including measures and stories) that your organization is already collecting.

She would love to chat about which impact measurement/ performance measurement tools and approaches are best suited to your organization’s needs.

Book a chat with Valerie!

Valerie can chat about communications tactics for engaging your team in the organization’s impact measurement practice and sharing the results of your impact measurement credibly and effectively.

She is keen to learn about your organization communicates with its key audiences.

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