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We are looking for networks of social purpose organizations to pilot the Common Approach to Impact Measurement’s four community-driven standards. 

Who we are looking for

We are seeking at least 3 anchor organizations to engage and mobilize a network. Each network should consist of 5 to 20 social purpose organizations that measure their impacts and see the benefit of pooling their data.

The anchor organization and the network members must share a commitment to improving impact measurement practice. 

What does an ideal candidate network look like?

Our definition of a network is purposely broad. Your network might be an association, alliance, coalition, initiative, collective impact movement, or something less formal. An ideal candidate network for the pilot:

  • Has members that already coordinate and make decisions as a group in some way.
  • Has already shared data among network members to some extent.
  • Has something in common related to their impact focus: a shared goal, geographic area, product or service type, business model, person or audience served, or something else.
  • Has at least 5 and up to 20 Social Purpose Organizations as members that are willing to pilot the standards over a minimum period of two years.
  • Has members with the technical capacity to successfully implement the standards i.e. an overall comfort with digital technology, including already using an impact measurement software or with the willingness to start using one. A point person in each organization must be comfortable using the basic functions of spreadsheets and be unfazed by learning new software.
  • Most of the 5-20 participating SPOs answer “Yes” to all or most of the questions on the Common Foundations self-assessment
  • Is committed to impact-driven decision-making. Each point person needs a positive relationship with data and should enjoy looking at qualitative and quantitative data. If sitting down to data stirs anxiety, this pilot is not a good fit.
  • Has members willing and able to participate in the project during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm Central Standard Time (UTC -6).
What does an ideal anchor organization candidate look like?
  • Employs a qualified individual who can contribute at least 50% of a full-time equivalent position to coordinating the pilot project’s work.
  • Is a trusted leader connected to active groups of social purpose organizations, such as social purpose businesses or operating charities, as well as funders or impact investors. This could include impact software providers, purveyors of measurement frameworks (e.g. Sustainable Livelihoods, B Impact Assessment, or the UN SDGs), or capacity-building organizations with a social or environmental purpose.
  • Has sufficient experience with impact measurement practice, technology, and data to capably facilitate the project for the network. Participants should be, for example, comfortable using the basic functions of spreadsheets and learning new software.
  • Is an operating charity, nonprofit, or social-purpose business. We are not looking to pilot a network with a funder or impact investor as the Anchor Organization but may do so if presented with a compelling case.

We welcome expressions of interest from anchors and networks that do not necessarily meet every single item in these lists.

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