​Common Approach is four community-driven standards for flexible, shareable impact measurement.

Common Approach is committed to refocusing impact measurement on the needs of operating charities, nonprofits, social-purpose businesses, and those they serve.

Common Foundations

The Common Foundations set a minimum standard for the “how” of impact measurement in five essential practices.

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Common Form

The Common Form is a standardized way to represent the organizational information of a social purpose organization. It allows organizations to access their core organizational information once, then use it for multiple things like grant applications and reporting.

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Common Impact Data Standard

The Common Impact Data Standard is a standardized way to represent a social purpose organization’s impact model. It provides an organizing system that makes sharing and aggregating impact data easier.

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Common Framework

The Common Framework is still in development! It is a set of principles and rules that provide guidance on how to roll up dissimilar indicators into a measure of a group’s impact (such as a portfolio or a network of organizations).


The Common Approach Standards are created for—and governed by—social purpose organizations. Common Approach is committed to an inclusive, community-driven approach to building a standard.

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